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Hearing Aid Battery Guide

March 18, 2017 / no comments, on Blog

Hearing Aid Battery Guide

The fact of the matter is there is nobody knows how long your hearing aid batteries will work for. Basically every individual has a unique  hearing loss.  Nobody’s unique mark will be precisely same. The most ideal approach to get a decent gauge on  how long your battery life will be is for you to test the battery. Record the date you put in the battery and afterward compose the date of when you take it out. When you have utilized the greater part of the batteries in the bundle, you will have the capacity to distinguish a normal scope of to what extent of your battery is  to last.

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Things That Affect Battery Life


Individual’s Hearing Loss

As seriousness of your hearing loss increases, more amplification is required. This causes an expansion in the useage of your batery, which decreases battery life. Thusly, the more serious the hearing loss the shorter the battery life. Additionally hearing loss can shift from ear to ear. That implies you shouldn’t expect meet battery life.


Individual’s Hearing Aid Usage

A few people just wear their guides 4 hours a day, others wear it 16 hours a day. Hours that the battery keeps going is a more exact approach to think about battery life.


Hearing Instrument Itself

The more advanced the hearing aid is the more power is required. This idea is like a mobile phone. The more elements you use on your telephone (web, applications, amusements, motion pictures, and so on.), the speedier the battery bites the dust. New hearing instrument extra things likewise put more deplete on the portable hearing assistant battery.



As temperature drops , portable amplifier battery voltage is brought down, which diminishes battery life.



As elevation expands the rate of oxygen noticeable all around is diminished, bringing down the portable amplifier battery voltage. This can bring about the battery to achieve the endpoint prior.


Individual Environment

The commotion around you can influence battery life. A battery will deplete less in a library versus an eatery or  show. Turning up the volume on your listening ability instrument in a boisterous setting can rashly deplete the battery.



Battery Tips

1. Store batteries at room temperature. Batteries are not be conveyed free in your pocket or handbag and  not to be put away out of bundle. On the off chance that a battery unintentionally comes into contact with a metal, for example, coins, keys, or different batteries the battery may short out, release or in uncommon frequencies even burst. Store and dispose of batteries in spots that can’t be come to by newborn children or youngsters.

2. Zinc air batteries utilize air as a wellspring of force, and the tab gives a seal that guarantees freshness until the battery is prepared for utilize. To enact the battery, essentially evacuate the tab, hold up one moment to permit air to actuate the fixings, and embed the battery into your portable amplifier.

3. Much the same as new vegetables are superior to canned vegetables, a crisp battery is superior to a matured battery. At the point when batteries sit on a rack or in a stockroom, they gradually lose their vitality. Temperature changes and the moderate leakage of air into the battery are a portion of the components that can influence the life of the battery while it sits. Continuously take a gander at the best before date before buying batteries.

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