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Folding Canoe – MyCanoe Review – Cool New Product on Kickstarter

March 11, 2017 / no comments, on Blog


Checkout MyCanoe On Kickstarter : Folding Canoe



MyCanoe is made to run with you on every one of your experiences. MyCanoe is a lightweight,  origami folding canoe. It is a fantastic folding canoe that transforms into a lovely Canadian canoe in 10 minutes. Its full length was 14.5 ft with two seats are ideal for offering to family and companions for a fast trek in water. When it is collapsed into its case, it fits in most  vehicles.


MyCanoe unfolds into a quality 14 ft canoe in just 10 minutes, and takes just 5 minutes to collapse into its original package . At just 52 lbs, MyCanoe is anything but difficult to bring with you wherever you go! The discretionary paddles are two-piece for convenience. In the event that you ever drop one in the water, they float! The two-piece carrying covers are utilized as the floor of the canoe so you don’t have to leave anything behind.


The MyCanoe is produced using a marine-grade custom polypropylene with a 15 year UV treatment that will withstand 20,000 folds!On the remote possibility that your MyCanoe capsize, there is no reason to stress as your canoe will in any case floats.The principle body accompanies 15-year guarantee and 1 year for alternate parts. Indeed, even following 1 year, if a section regarded an imperfection as opposed to wear and tear, they will convey a new part at for nothing out of pocket.

MyCanoe was specifically built to be a top performing canoe. Although it folds up small for easy transport, make no mistake, it is at home in the water and has now problem surging forward with the help of a paddle.

Checkout MyCanoe On Kickstarter : Folding Canoe


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