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ShotTracker Review

March 4, 2017 / no comments, on Blog

ShotTracker Review

You Can’t Improve What Your Don’t Measure

ShotTracker Review

You can’t enhance what you don’t gauge, which is the reason the team over at ShotTracker made ShotTracker. The ShotTracker is a wearable tech that naturally tracks shots, makes and misses in baseketball to help you improve your overall game. Shottracker review.

The ShotTracker comes with two components, the wrist sensor and net sensor. You simply Slide the wrist sensor into your shooting sleeve or wristband, connect the net sensor to the net, dispatch the ShotTracker app and begin. The ShotTracker provides you with information that helps improve your game. The ShotTracker tells you how much shots you have attempted and how much you got in. All this information gets uploaded into their app (which is completely free) and tells you on which part of the court your hot and which parts you need improvement. All this information gets dialed in to tell you how much you are improving over time.

The ShotTracker is a revolutionary piece of basketball technology. It’s a one of a kind gadget that can help improve your game substantially.

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